Embroidery Kebaya Clothing Various Motives From Traditional Clothes

Bordir Baju Kebaya – Kebaya clothes are a traditional Indonesian dress that has various types and models. However, although it consists of various models, this kebaya shirt has one common similarity, namely the existence of embroidery motifs that are in the part of the kebaya shirt.

The motifs of this kebaya embroidery are varied, but indeed the most widely used flower motif. In the making, embroidery kebaya is not easy, like manual embroidery, embroidery kebaya requires various stages that are not easy.

The first step must be done is to determine the embroidery pattern. This motif is usually adjusted to the color and material of kebaya clothes.

A thin material can be fitted with a motive that proposals are quite a lot but the material is slightly thick, so there should not be many embroidery motifs used. This is because thick material will become hot when too much embroidery.

Embroidery of various kebaya clothes Motifs

After making the pattern, this pattern is then moved to the top of the kebaya fabric which can then be made embroidery. The making of this embroidery is very dependent on the ability of the person working on it. The ability of the embroiderer determines the outcome even though the embroidery process is done using a computer.

Embroidery motifs for kebaya should be motifs that reflect the concept of the clothes. for example, for an elegant dress, the motif used should not use striking shapes and colors.

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