Cool T-shirt Embroidery Using Computer Embroidery Machines

Cool T-Shirt Embroidery – Due to the needs of an event or fashion need that is now very large, sometimes embroidery patterns on shirts are needed.

Embroidery of this pattern has many goals, from creating a uniformity of clothes to be used in an event to make it look compact, or just as an accessory to strengthen a certain impression of a clothing style.

Usually the embroidery of this shirt is mostly done by companies that will hold a company event or make a uniform for their employees. The making of embroidery on this shirt also consists of several ways, some are manual and some are using computers.

But because the production is done on a mass basis, then embroidering using a computer is a wise choice.

Steps to Use Computer Embroidery

To embroider a shirt using a computer embroidery machine the steps are

First, we must create images with the willcomm software with the perstik system. The price of one stick is between Rp. 5, – up to Rp. 10. Usually for one logo it will require the size of the stick that will reach Rp. 14,000, -, but this logo design can be used to make logos to very many.
After the design, you just need to transfer it to the computer embroidery machine to make the embroidery.

As for manual embroidery, the usual steps are

First we have to make an image pattern on a paper or design it using a computer and print it, one color and one is black and white.
Then just move the picture onto the shirt that will be embroidered, how to just follow the pattern by attaching the prit out pattern that is black and white then using carbon paper can be done pattern transfer.
After the pattern is moved, the next step is to just embroider.

Efficiency of Computer Embroidery

T-shirts that are embroidered should be embroidered by computer, this is done to save time. manual embroidery will take a longer time, this is because the process is done one by one, both in the pattern transfer and embroidery, so it will take a very long time.

For the proportion of embroidery on the shirt, it must be really considered. This is because T-shirts are very casual clothes which means shirts must make users comfortable and not to make users feel crowded due to the many embroidery that is there. This is the first rule in designing embroidery patterns for shirts.

Just imagine if we use shirts with lots of embroidery which will certainly make shirts more slick and uncomfortable, surely we will also be reluctant to use them.

Although this embroidery is often used to make the appearance of a t-shirt more attractive, it must be kept in mind that embroidery is only an additional accessory that should not be a nuisance when used.