Men’s Brackets Embroidery With A Combination Of Charming Embroidery Motifs

Kurung Baju Baju Kurung – Baju kurung is a typical Malay dress model that looks like a koko shirt. Baju kurung has various models with various combinations of embroidery motifs.

For 2017, it is predicted that the most desirable baju kurung model is baju kurung with batik material with bright colors combined with plain embroidery that will make a contrast to the batik motif used as the main ingredient.

In the latest development, the embroidery model that will be used is still the same as previous years, namely geometric embroidery patterns and many use symmetrical shapes between the right and left sides.

circulate more varied motives will still be very used because typical consumers in 2017 are still oriented to what is widely used in late 2016.

Embroidery Combination Men’s Brackets

Besides that, for baju kurung itself will be dominated by batik materials with contemporary patterns. For symmetrical and traditional batik patterns, it will be more used when compared to last year.

Patterns such as natural images will be in great demand because in 2017 it seems that environmental issues will be the most raised issue in the world so that they will influence the selection of motifs in this shirt.

Unlike in Indonesia, it can be behind the back. In 2017 this issue of culture will be more publicly appointed so that it will make the pattern of images both batik and embroidery motifs will be chosen with ethnic themes.

Baju kurung with more attractive embroidery patterns such as the development of a more harmonious flower form will be a good choice this year.

For this baju kurung embroidery method it will usually be better if the results are done manually but it will also be a very long process. Automatic embroidering by using a computer will make the pattern formed is no more natural when compared to manually created embroidery patterns.


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