Malay Men’s Embroidery with Islamic Models

Malay Men’s Clothing Embroidery – Nowadays the development of the fashion world has made a lot of buzz by utilizing traditional models that are heavily modified so that the shape can follow developments and also the booming trend.

One of the things that gets a lot of attention is the male malay model using embroidery motifs. Actually there isn’t much of a striking difference for men’s meal clothes with men’s shirts, of course the striking difference is the existence of embroidery motifs that make the appearance of clothes become more Islamic and beautiful.

Embroidery on male malay clothes will usually be placed in the area around the neck or the area around the button that is characteristic of Malay clothes so far. while for Malay clothes for women, embroidery placement is usually done on parts that reach a wider area covering the edges of the clothes.

Malay Men’s Dress Embroidery

The motifs used for the embroidery of male malay clothes are geometric motifs or patterns typical of Islam that do not involve animal and human forms.

This is due to Islam, the use of animal or human patterns to install is not allowed. So that the use of flower patterns and patterns – geometric patterns are chosen.

In giving embroidery to this man’s malay shirt, for 2017 many use a pattern placed on the front of the shoulder down with the absence of the same pattern on the other side of the shirt. So that pattern usage is only done on one side only.

Type of Male Malay Dress Embroidery

In addition, clothes with bright colors will be chosen more than clothes with dark colors.

Meanwhile, the embroidery given is plain embroidery with varied colors so that it can be adapted to the model and concept of the shirt.

Usually the size of this Malay shirt is intentionally made longer than the size of clothes in general, but in recent years it seems that the use of size is adjusted to the size of clothes in general.

In addition to the use of bright colors, batik material is also considered to be more widely used along with the incessant government promotion in this one thing.

more contemporary batik patterns will be more in demand but traditional batik patterns will also not lose interest only that contemporary patterns will draw a lot of attention this year.

As for batik – batik with natural motives will also be more widely used because this year environmental issues are considered to be raised by various groups of society and government and non-government organizations,

so that its usage will be more in line with the conditions that will occur, but this estimate can also be wrong because we never know what will happen and it is possible that this will change the trend conditions that occur in the community.