Embroidery for Muslim Men with Various Charming Motives

Embroidery for Muslim Men – Apparently, the spread of Islam and the increasing number of people who accept the religion will also affect the fashion world this year.
Muslim men’s clothing seems to be more in demand because of the model and appearance that will be increasingly diverse if you see the many clothes designers who are starting to look at this business.This Muslim clothing business seems to be more promising because more and more people are interested in wearing clothes of this type.in addition to the model that undergoes adjustment and modification, the size is also not like the ancient Muslim clothes that on average still have a size that is larger than the size of clothes in general.for now, there are many models of Muslim clothes that are the size of ordinary

clothes so that they are considered more comfortable to use.

Embroidery Muslim Men’s Clothes

For the embroidery model itself, this Muslim dress has various motifs and types. Call it a geometric motif between the right and left part of the shirt has the same motif or there are also Muslim clothes with embroidery that is only on one side of the shirt.

Applique used as a decorator has a different position – according to the concept that has been made by a designer of the shirt. There are so many men’s Muslim clothes that have a little embroidery that is only on the front shoulder, and only on one side.

Clothes with only a little embroidery will be very comfortable to use, this is because the clothes will be more comfortable to use because they will be more flexible. Too much embroidery will make the clothes material become stiffer and can not follow the fall direction that should be owned by the shirt.

Many of us find embroidery on men’s Muslim clothes that are deliberately placed in the back of the back. This is not recommended because the comfort of Naju users will be very minimal.

Applique on the back will make the clothes more stiff and also cause the back to become hotter and easier to sweat, so it will be very uncomfortable when used.

For embroidery on Muslim clothing, usually plain embroidery is used more, this is because for Muslim men, motifs and colors used are motifs and colors that are natural so if the motive is too lively, it will make the clothes seems more crowded and will not be used much, because most men like something simple and also not flashy.