The Latest Family Uniform Batik Clothing Prices

Price of Family Uniform Batik Clothes – Batik clothes are now undergoing changes. All levels of society feel confident in batik that has become the ancestral heritage. In terms of models and motifs of batik clothes, there are so many variations offered.

So that it doesn’t impress that and that is out of date. Batik clothes are suitable for special moments. Especially when special moments with family. Uniform batik clothes will add to all family members to be more attractive. The choice of uniform batik clothes for families must be discussed together so that the whole family feels suitable.

For the price of batik clothes themselves vary depending on the type of fabric used. There are expensive prices ranging from millions of rupiah with fine writing cloth that is fully done in handmade up to the price of tens or hundreds of thousands of rupiah using ordinary cloth with printing batik motifs or stamped batik.

If you want to make uniform batik clothes, then you must determine in advance what budget you want to allocate for making family uniform batik clothes in order to determine the price of family uniform batik clothes according to the budget you prepare. If your budget is excessive, then buy family uniform batik clothes made from fine batik cloth.

In addition to its long-lasting motives for years, fine batik also has beautiful and exclusive motifs. The color combination is also right so it doesn’t look tacky when wearing it. But if you spend the budget to make uniform batik clothes mediocre, then look for the price of the appropriate family uniform batik clothes. Don’t be afraid to get batik clothes that are disappointing when you have a mediocre budget. Because now there are many who sell or receive orders for family uniform batik clothes at affordable prices but the quality does not disappoint.

Various Futsal Shirt Designs Front Back and Pants

Front Rear Futsal Shirt Designs And Pants – Football is indeed a popular sport today. Even not only men are interested in football, but also women are starting to actively do this sport. Football and futsal are sports that share the same playing techniques. But the number of people who play it is different.

If football is played in a large group, futsal is done in small groups. Currently playing futsal has become a routine activity for football lovers. Unmitigated, people who have entered into certain futsal groups must be obliged to have uniform shirts.

Like players in real soccer clubs, futsal uniforms used by futsal groups are their way of showing group and personal identity. Besides that it also makes it easy when distinguishing between opponents. Especially for groups that often take part in tournaments, it is mandatory to have a futsal shirt.
Futsal Shirt Design Front Back and Pants

When you are planning to make a futsal shirt, first determine what color will become your group’s identity. If you often participate in tournaments, it certainly has the name of the group.

Make a logo that describes the name of your group. Like real soccer clubs that have logos like Manchester United, Chelsea, to Liverpool.

The logo can be placed in a futsal shirt so that it can become a group identity.

Plain T-Shirt For Cool Design Like You

Plain T-shirts for Design – T-shirts are one of the most comfortable clothing models to use. Usually used for relaxing at home, sightseeing, or for certain events. During certain events, t-shirts are usually made with designs tailored to the theme of the event. Before making a t-shirt screen design, you must first determine which color of the shirt will match the design you are going to use. Because when the color of the plain shirt with the design is not matched later the results of the shirt made is not good.

Plain shirts suitable for direct use for those of you who like plain tops. But if you want to come up with a different style with a shirt, then you can add designs to your plain fabric to make it look more attractive. here are some plain shirt references for designs that can be an inspiration for the selection of t-shirt designs for special events and everyday uses


Cheap Family Uniform Shirts For Family Gathering

Cheap Family Uniform Shirts – T-shirts are clothes that are comfortable to wear everyday. Not only young people who deserve to wear T-shirts. Parents also deserve to wear T-shirts for certain times. Even t-shirts can be used as family uniforms.

Of course this will look attractive and compact when all family members wear the same clothes. Starting from the father, mother and children can design their own uniform shirts that they will use together at special events. The bias for cheap family uniform shirts is made when going to have a picnic outside, sightseeing, and for sporting events. T-shirt material is also very comfortable to wear because it easily absorbs sweat. Besides that, t-shirts are suitable to be combined with any subordinates. Just adjust it to the color of the shirt you are wearing.
Cheap Family Uniform Shirts

Usually the t-shirt design is made with unique writings such as t-shirts for daddy that will read “Super Dad”, for Mama the shirt says “Super Mom”, while for the child will read “Super Kid”.

Depending on your creations and preferences you will make t-shirts with what writing. Not only writings that make uniform shirts become more attractive, usually uniform shirts are also designed with bright colors to express joy.

The colors that are often used include tosca blue, red, pink, to yellow. But for those of you who prefer safe or black colors, there is nothing wrong with using white, black, gray, maroon, and navy. Do not forget to talk first with other family members regarding the color to be chosen.

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For any size, it varies. Choose the size of a shirt that is slightly larger than our body size because if we wear a tight shirt on the body it will affect comfort. But don’t be too loose or overweight, because the shirts are too bad when used. When going to make a family t-shirt, just adjust it to the size of the shirt. But if you are not sure, you can measure the body to get the right size of a family uniform shirt.

Embroidery Kebaya Clothing Various Motives From Traditional Clothes

Bordir Baju Kebaya – Kebaya clothes are a traditional Indonesian dress that has various types and models. However, although it consists of various models, this kebaya shirt has one common similarity, namely the existence of embroidery motifs that are in the part of the kebaya shirt.

The motifs of this kebaya embroidery are varied, but indeed the most widely used flower motif. In the making, embroidery kebaya is not easy, like manual embroidery, embroidery kebaya requires various stages that are not easy.

The first step must be done is to determine the embroidery pattern. This motif is usually adjusted to the color and material of kebaya clothes.

A thin material can be fitted with a motive that proposals are quite a lot but the material is slightly thick, so there should not be many embroidery motifs used. This is because thick material will become hot when too much embroidery.

Embroidery of various kebaya clothes Motifs

After making the pattern, this pattern is then moved to the top of the kebaya fabric which can then be made embroidery. The making of this embroidery is very dependent on the ability of the person working on it. The ability of the embroiderer determines the outcome even though the embroidery process is done using a computer.

Embroidery motifs for kebaya should be motifs that reflect the concept of the clothes. for example, for an elegant dress, the motif used should not use striking shapes and colors.

Cool T-shirt Embroidery Using Computer Embroidery Machines

Cool T-Shirt Embroidery – Due to the needs of an event or fashion need that is now very large, sometimes embroidery patterns on shirts are needed.

Embroidery of this pattern has many goals, from creating a uniformity of clothes to be used in an event to make it look compact, or just as an accessory to strengthen a certain impression of a clothing style.

Usually the embroidery of this shirt is mostly done by companies that will hold a company event or make a uniform for their employees. The making of embroidery on this shirt also consists of several ways, some are manual and some are using computers.

But because the production is done on a mass basis, then embroidering using a computer is a wise choice.

Steps to Use Computer Embroidery

To embroider a shirt using a computer embroidery machine the steps are

First, we must create images with the willcomm software with the perstik system. The price of one stick is between Rp. 5, – up to Rp. 10. Usually for one logo it will require the size of the stick that will reach Rp. 14,000, -, but this logo design can be used to make logos to very many.
After the design, you just need to transfer it to the computer embroidery machine to make the embroidery.

As for manual embroidery, the usual steps are

First we have to make an image pattern on a paper or design it using a computer and print it, one color and one is black and white.
Then just move the picture onto the shirt that will be embroidered, how to just follow the pattern by attaching the prit out pattern that is black and white then using carbon paper can be done pattern transfer.
After the pattern is moved, the next step is to just embroider.

Efficiency of Computer Embroidery

T-shirts that are embroidered should be embroidered by computer, this is done to save time. manual embroidery will take a longer time, this is because the process is done one by one, both in the pattern transfer and embroidery, so it will take a very long time.

For the proportion of embroidery on the shirt, it must be really considered. This is because T-shirts are very casual clothes which means shirts must make users comfortable and not to make users feel crowded due to the many embroidery that is there. This is the first rule in designing embroidery patterns for shirts.

Just imagine if we use shirts with lots of embroidery which will certainly make shirts more slick and uncomfortable, surely we will also be reluctant to use them.

Although this embroidery is often used to make the appearance of a t-shirt more attractive, it must be kept in mind that embroidery is only an additional accessory that should not be a nuisance when used.

Men’s Brackets Embroidery With A Combination Of Charming Embroidery Motifs

Kurung Baju Baju Kurung – Baju kurung is a typical Malay dress model that looks like a koko shirt. Baju kurung has various models with various combinations of embroidery motifs.

For 2017, it is predicted that the most desirable baju kurung model is baju kurung with batik material with bright colors combined with plain embroidery that will make a contrast to the batik motif used as the main ingredient.

In the latest development, the embroidery model that will be used is still the same as previous years, namely geometric embroidery patterns and many use symmetrical shapes between the right and left sides.

circulate more varied motives will still be very used because typical consumers in 2017 are still oriented to what is widely used in late 2016.

Embroidery Combination Men’s Brackets

Besides that, for baju kurung itself will be dominated by batik materials with contemporary patterns. For symmetrical and traditional batik patterns, it will be more used when compared to last year.

Patterns such as natural images will be in great demand because in 2017 it seems that environmental issues will be the most raised issue in the world so that they will influence the selection of motifs in this shirt.

Unlike in Indonesia, it can be behind the back. In 2017 this issue of culture will be more publicly appointed so that it will make the pattern of images both batik and embroidery motifs will be chosen with ethnic themes.

Baju kurung with more attractive embroidery patterns such as the development of a more harmonious flower form will be a good choice this year.

For this baju kurung embroidery method it will usually be better if the results are done manually but it will also be a very long process. Automatic embroidering by using a computer will make the pattern formed is no more natural when compared to manually created embroidery patterns.


Malay Men’s Embroidery with Islamic Models

Malay Men’s Clothing Embroidery – Nowadays the development of the fashion world has made a lot of buzz by utilizing traditional models that are heavily modified so that the shape can follow developments and also the booming trend.

One of the things that gets a lot of attention is the male malay model using embroidery motifs. Actually there isn’t much of a striking difference for men’s meal clothes with men’s shirts, of course the striking difference is the existence of embroidery motifs that make the appearance of clothes become more Islamic and beautiful.

Embroidery on male malay clothes will usually be placed in the area around the neck or the area around the button that is characteristic of Malay clothes so far. while for Malay clothes for women, embroidery placement is usually done on parts that reach a wider area covering the edges of the clothes.

Malay Men’s Dress Embroidery

The motifs used for the embroidery of male malay clothes are geometric motifs or patterns typical of Islam that do not involve animal and human forms.

This is due to Islam, the use of animal or human patterns to install is not allowed. So that the use of flower patterns and patterns – geometric patterns are chosen.

In giving embroidery to this man’s malay shirt, for 2017 many use a pattern placed on the front of the shoulder down with the absence of the same pattern on the other side of the shirt. So that pattern usage is only done on one side only.

Type of Male Malay Dress Embroidery

In addition, clothes with bright colors will be chosen more than clothes with dark colors.

Meanwhile, the embroidery given is plain embroidery with varied colors so that it can be adapted to the model and concept of the shirt.

Usually the size of this Malay shirt is intentionally made longer than the size of clothes in general, but in recent years it seems that the use of size is adjusted to the size of clothes in general.

In addition to the use of bright colors, batik material is also considered to be more widely used along with the incessant government promotion in this one thing.

more contemporary batik patterns will be more in demand but traditional batik patterns will also not lose interest only that contemporary patterns will draw a lot of attention this year.

As for batik – batik with natural motives will also be more widely used because this year environmental issues are considered to be raised by various groups of society and government and non-government organizations,

so that its usage will be more in line with the conditions that will occur, but this estimate can also be wrong because we never know what will happen and it is possible that this will change the trend conditions that occur in the community.


Embroidery for Muslim Men with Various Charming Motives

Embroidery for Muslim Men – Apparently, the spread of Islam and the increasing number of people who accept the religion will also affect the fashion world this year.
Muslim men’s clothing seems to be more in demand because of the model and appearance that will be increasingly diverse if you see the many clothes designers who are starting to look at this business.This Muslim clothing business seems to be more promising because more and more people are interested in wearing clothes of this addition to the model that undergoes adjustment and modification, the size is also not like the ancient Muslim clothes that on average still have a size that is larger than the size of clothes in general.for now, there are many models of Muslim clothes that are the size of ordinary

clothes so that they are considered more comfortable to use.

Embroidery Muslim Men’s Clothes

For the embroidery model itself, this Muslim dress has various motifs and types. Call it a geometric motif between the right and left part of the shirt has the same motif or there are also Muslim clothes with embroidery that is only on one side of the shirt.

Applique used as a decorator has a different position – according to the concept that has been made by a designer of the shirt. There are so many men’s Muslim clothes that have a little embroidery that is only on the front shoulder, and only on one side.

Clothes with only a little embroidery will be very comfortable to use, this is because the clothes will be more comfortable to use because they will be more flexible. Too much embroidery will make the clothes material become stiffer and can not follow the fall direction that should be owned by the shirt.

Many of us find embroidery on men’s Muslim clothes that are deliberately placed in the back of the back. This is not recommended because the comfort of Naju users will be very minimal.

Applique on the back will make the clothes more stiff and also cause the back to become hotter and easier to sweat, so it will be very uncomfortable when used.

For embroidery on Muslim clothing, usually plain embroidery is used more, this is because for Muslim men, motifs and colors used are motifs and colors that are natural so if the motive is too lively, it will make the clothes seems more crowded and will not be used much, because most men like something simple and also not flashy.